Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM, Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment

by Aug 25, 2020

What's new in Eminent PTC?

Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM,  Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment is the next version of Cronlab, Inc. We have added many cool features & security in our this script And the main point is we have updated it to latest laravel framework 7.

Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment has some portion of features to serve your customers. For instance, Paid to Click (PTC), Pay Per View (PPV), Crypto Currency Investment, HYIP, MLM Investment, Any Currency Investment Like USD, Euro Etc, Perfect Membership System, Cool Referral System. With Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM,  Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment System it will be easier than your thought. We keep releasing new updates for you now.

The Next Step of Your Business?

Yes, Eminent PTC will be the next step if you want to build a website that helps you to grow or grows your business. We are not like those kinds of companies who are developing a website and deliver the project. We will assist you in every step in the online world until success. So, what are you waiting for? Start the business or website that you always dreamed about.

Our Vision For Your Business?

We’re always trying to do our best for your business, To become a prime performer in the global marketplace by providing highly innovative web designing, web development and internet marketing services that will drive our clients’ business towards growth. Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM, Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment is a part of our effort for your business.

Worldwide reputation is the dream of every company, and we want to achieve it through our work.

This is where the fun begins! Using the information you provided during our discovery and on-boarding process, Susan will work to create a custom design just for you. You’ll get a style guide of colour, typography and device responsiveness provided along with an initial full-page concept of the home page for your review and input. This is a collaboration, so we want to hear what you think and have your feedback and information during the entire process.

What's specials made different in Eminent PTC?



Easy Installation You don’t need to install it manually anymore, finally AllWebscript, Inc team has set up the Easy Installation for everyone even who don’t about laravel.
Maintenance mode Maintenance mode was the most demanded function for our script in past finally we have added it. Now you can put your website on Maintenance using your own message from Admin Panel in one click.
Laravel Framework Upgrade Eminent PTC has been upgraded & updated to laravel latest Framework 7.
Secure Controllers All Controllers are replaced.
Anti-cheat system  Eminent PTC now will take all type of user IP records to save your website for Anti-cheat system on activities.
Secured Uploading System We have developed a new profile picture uploading &  blog uploading controllers.
Voucher Redeem Function Now user can redeem the voucher same as the deposit. User can also sell their Voucher to anyone user.
Separate Login For Admin Admin can log in to his account directly now. A separate page created for admin login.
Other Bugs We have fixed many bugs. Please check our Changelogs.


Some of Eminent PTC Features are listed below for complete details check the demo.

Main Features For Users
1. Included Timer Paid to Click View with Animation Progress and Fixed some bug on these highlights.
2. Included Earn Money by View Youtube Videos. Likewise, bolster Google Adsense Ads on View Page with clock and Animation Progress.
3. Client Can Earn Money By Invest Their Any CryptoCurrency Also Supported Normal Currency. You can call this component like HYIP, BitCoin Doubler, Investment E.T.C.
5. Completely Working Membership System. I Fixes All Membership Bugs.
6. Moment Money Deposit System.
7. Disconnected Money Deposit System. You can call this Local Payment.
8. Gigantic update on Referral System. For example, User Sign Up Bonus, Sign Up Bonus on Who Share Referral connection and Who Sign up bu That Link. Store Bonus By Referred User Deposit. Acquire Money By Referred User P.T.C. and PPV View, Earn By Referred User Membership Upgrade.
9. Fixes All Bug on Money Transfer System. Client Can Transfer Funds Deposit, Referral, Account Balance to Deposit and Account Balance. Additionally Can Transfer Funds Member To Member With Email Notifications.
10. Client Can See their Money and CryptoCurrency Investment Details
11. Client Can See their Investment Interest History, Fixes Some Bug User Withdraw History and Deposit History.
12. Client Can See Referred Users Paid To Click, Paid To View Video Ads, Membership Upgrade, Deposit Bonus and Self Earning History on Earning History Option.
13. Fixes Some Bug on Profile Page and Email Verify. Additionally include User Identity Verify and Proof of Address Verify. You can call it KYC Verify.
14. Compose audit/tributes for the site and submit for affirmed
14. Included Auto Email Notify When User does log in, Create a Support ticket, Receive Support Ticket Reply Form, Admin, Sending Money To Other User, Receive cash from another client, KYC Verify E.T.C.

Most Wanted Admin Features :
1. Fixes Bugs on Paid to Click and Paid To View. Administrator Can Set Time, Set Ads Specific Membership on Paid To Click And Paid To View, E.T.C.
2. Administrator Can Send Emails to Any client on his site. Likewise Can send any untouchable individuals from Admin Panel. No Need to go Gmail or any others site for send messages. The administrator can see All Emails from his Inbox on administrator board.
3. The administrator can see, alter all site client profile other any benevolent information. Administrator Can Create another client with any inconvenience. Put email and name that is it. Framework Automatically makes his impermanent Password, other’s knowledge and send that data to email address. After client get their email and login that information framework will disclose to him power change their secret word with update profile information.
4. Completely Featured Blog/News/Promotion/Article/Event System with Category and Tags.
5. Completely Featured Investment System. Administrator Can Create Investment Plan with Minimum and Maximum Invest. Can Be Set Hourly, Weekly, Monthly Any benevolent Time-Based Duration with Return Investment Interest Percentage. Likewise Can set what number of time client get their advantage. The administrator needs to fill that information. The framework will naturally carry out that responsibility.
6. Administrator Can Create Fully Featured Membership System, for example, set reestablish date, value, term and so on.
7. Administrator Can Set Instant Payment Gateway Fixed and Percentage charge. Dynamic and De-Active Gateway Status.
8. Completely Featured Local Gateway it implies Admin Can Create Any Kind Payment Gateway with Gateway Fixed and Percentage charge, Active and De-Active Gateway Status. Substantially More.
9. Completely Featured Deposit System. Administrator Can See Latest Instant Deposit, Verify their Local Payment store, acknowledge and dismiss instalment with extortion store.
10. Presently User Withdraw System. Client solicitation pulls back, and the administrator sends cash then need snap total catch. That is it..!
11. Completely Featured User Support Panel, Admin can answer his client bolster ticket and see shut help ticket.
12. Know Your Customer (KYC), Yes it is to Verify client Identity and Proof of Address. Client Submit their National Identity Card, Passport, Driving License and Other Docs of Proof of Address, Admin saw that solicitation on administrator board and acknowledge or dismiss his solicitation.
13. Administrator Can be endorsed/dismiss User Review/Testimonials; Admin Can Edit Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition Page, Anti Money Launder Page, KYC Policy Page with Published and Un-Published Option. Likewise Can Create Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.).
14. Completely Featured Website Settings System. The administrator can Edit Site Name, Site Title, Company Name, Contact Email, System Contact Email, Company Address, Contact Phone, Disqus Comment System, Live Chat System on Admin Panel with no code.
15. The administrator can be Turn On or Turn Off any site Features with a single tick. For example, Paid To Click (P.T.C.), Paid to View (PPV), Payment Proof Page on the landing page, Latest Deposit and Withdraw data on the landing page, Member to Member Money Transfer, Membership System, Investment System. This element can be Off or On whenever from Admin Panel with no code.
16. Administrator Can set Minimum Deposit, Minimum Withdraw, Maximum Withdraw, Self Transfer Commission charge, Member to Member Transfer expense, Sign up reward, Referral Link Share Bonus, Referred Sign up Bonus, Referred Deposit Bonus, Referred Membership redesign Bonus, Referred Paid to Click and Paid to View Bonus E.T.C.

What’s PTC (Paid To Click)?

PTC (paid to click) is a business type for people that want to earn money online from home. PTC (Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM, Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment) websites act as a broker between publisher and customer, mean to say publisher give money to PTC websites so the sites show ads on their sites and the customer see that ads from home and earn money. PTC sites provide different ways to make money, like displaying ads, shopping, playing games and simple task etc. it is strongly recommended that you can earn money from home on PTC sites. Some peoples hear that their friends earn money online in their houses how they earn money. It is the most significant way to earn online through PTC. If you have a computer or smartphone and also internet connection, then you may earn money. And how much money you will achieve it all depends on you. You never have to invest a piny these websites, and also you never have any experience on these sites. Starting work on this is very easy. Just signup, watch ads and start earning money. For new users, no instruction is needed. There are many PTC sites, but you have to invest only those websites which prove paid to peoples.
Payout system
The payout system of these sites is in digital marketing like PayPal, Payoneer and other methods. As we know in online marketing, the money will not be transferred in the bank. The minimum payout of these sites is $3 to $10.

There are many ways to receive free promotion for your website or blog. One of the many is called a traffic exchange. At traffic exchange websites, you will view different websites and earn credits.

What the benefits of joining these sites
There are many advantages of these sites for joining and earn money.
1) Your own time.
2) Work when you free.
3) No special skills are needed.
4) Work from home, nothing to go anywhere.
5) Free register on those sites.
6) Always get money on times.


Can PTC site pay?
Yes, PTC does make payments as per your work.

Can PTC site is safe?

Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM, Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment
Yes, it is safe to make money via PTC sites like Neobux and others.

Is Ptc site legal or not?
Yes PTC sites are legal. You can make a small amount of money via these PTC sites.


Our Company provide you best (Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM, Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment) PTC sites. With full features and also we provide complete security management so it will be fully protected from cyber attack. We provide all features in less price then market. These sites are also user friendly. That means a user can use it easily and even manage by admins easily.

What is HYIP?

The definition of HYIP is ‘High Yield Investment Program’, (Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM, Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment). Still, this definition won’t describe enough about HYIP. In reality, HYIP is a website where you’ll see an option to invest money to get high returns in a concise term. For example, 105% or 150% after one day. Most HYIPs pay old investors with the cash of new investors means to say if you invest in 1 account then the user who supports in this site get profit and leave the site.

All programs offering a yield of over 10% per month can be safely called an HYIP project. In this method of earning, it is impossible to do without a variety of scammers; therefore, before deciding whether to invest in such a project, we strongly recommend that you study the history of the Company or fund of interest in detail. It is worth paying particular attention to sites that have already earned a reputation for SCAM.

The main target of HYIP creators is to run away with the highest possible amount he can collect from the investors. In this collection process, they need to pay existing investors until they collect that fund which is enough to stop the system now.

To maintain this ‘HYIP’ (Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM, Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment) system, many HYIP keeps paying to their investors, and that’s why peoples think that they have earned real profit from an HYIP. They also promise to give them a large profit. This scheme exists in the early 1900s, and the digital payment system makes it easier to accept money from worldwide. So that,s why these sites are so famous.

Interestingly, many HYIP even keeps paying to their investors for a very long time for years.

What is Digital Marketing (MLM)?

Digital marketing, online marketing, internet advertising marketing your Company online is a big deal these days. After all, internet usage has more than over the past some years, and this affected how people purchase products and interact with businesses. Now Peoples buy much more than the last few years, so that’s why everyone wants to sale their work on the internet, so it’s reached to more peoples. So, what is digital marketing and why peoples use it?

Here we are. Digital marketing refers to a different kind of digital marketing. Means to say nowadays, social media marketing and also blogging is the biggest platform to convince peoples, so they buy your’s product.

Digital marketing benefits.
In traditional marketing, peoples used phone communication or physically work but nowadays. Peoples work electronically online, this called digital marketing. Digital marketing performs a fundamental rule for your’s business and also for your brand.
It looks like every other site has a website or social networking, and if you don’t have, then it is not suitable for you.

Social Media Marketing in digital marketing.

This social media marketing promotes your brand and your content on social media channels to increase brand awareness, get more traffic, and generate leads for your business. The channels you can use in social media marketing include:

And also many others that you can use it.
If you’re new to social platforms, you can use tools like HubSpot to connect channels like LinkedIn and Facebook in one place. This way, you can easily schedule content for multiple channels at once, and monitor analytics from the platform as well.
Different companies also use email marketing for communication with their audiences.
Buy Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM, Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment today.


What’s CryptoCurrency Trade?

Cryptocurrency trade is a part of our script Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM, Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment.

Now we were talking about what is Cryptocurrency trade. It is a market which is now most commonly used a day. And have become most popular used like bitcoin and ethereum etc. These are powered by Blockchain technology. They are different from other currencies. The main difference between these currencies from others is that is is not located on any one location country nor bank. It is not found in any place. Cryptocurrency trade is very different from other comment trading like forex and others. There is various type of Cryptocurrencies. A cryptocurrency is a digital coin, designed to be transferred between people in virtual transactions. Cryptocurrencies exist only as data and not as physical objects, and you cannot hold a Bitcoin in your hand or keep Ethereum in your safe as I Mentioned before. Owning a Bitcoin means you have the collective agreement of every computer on the Bitcoin network that you currently own it and – more importantly – that a miner legitimately created it.

Bitcoin: the “original” crypto and still the market’s most valuable coin
Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin Cash is a standalone cryptocurrency. Which is come to for as bitcoin. By switching from the main Bitcoin blockchain to a new version, the software now has a capacity for a larger number of transactions.
Ethereum: It aims to change the way the internet works fundamentally. Means transferring money from one place to other efficiently. Its ability to store revolutionary computer programs, known as smart contracts, gives Ethereum an edge over Bitcoin and has attracted attention from banks around the world.
Litecoin: Designed to support cross-border payments with faster transaction times than competitors. It is like to send money quickly from one place to another, like perfect money or PayPal. There are two main differences between litecoin and bitcoin is speed and amount. While it takes 10 minutes to create a Bitcoin block, Litecoin takes 2.5 minutes to create a block – meaning four times the rate. Litecoin attracts many users, as it can produce four times the quantity of Bitcoin! However, as Litecoin uses highly complex cryptography, often mining it is more complicated than other cryptocurrencies.

Ripple: Created to address issues such as versatility and speed of global payment solutions, it is also suitable for online trading. Initially set up to engage financial industry leaders, the digital currency has been a leading technology so far.

Buying or selling cryptocurrencies:

when you want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies via an exchange, always find trusted persons who wish to your’s information. This information is to store cryptocracy’s safe and secure Don’t trade with any strange person.

Go ahead with Eminent PTC | All in One Script for PTC, HYIP, MLM, Marketing, Crypto Trade & Money Investment.

Read Eminent PTC Changelog Below:

Version 4.1 – 01 February 20

– Upgraded Core Laravel to 5.7
– Fixed Bugs in Blog System
– Fixed Bugs in Blog System
– Added Ad-blocker Detection
– Added Spam Detection System
– Added Username Style to Referral Links
– Added Daily Rewards System
– Added Send Mail/Newsletter
– Added Search Functionality
– Add Member Filter List
– Added User Banned System
– Added User Details summary
– Fixed PPV Bugs
– Added User Advertise System
– Added PayPal Express Checkout
– Added Stripe Gateway
– Added Coin payments Gateways
– Added 2FA Balance Transfer
– Added Affiliate Links Sharing System (Beta Mode)
– Added Affiliate Links Sharing System (Beta Mode)
– Fixed Lots of Bugs


Version 3.0 – 15 February 19

– Added Username Style to Referral Links
– Added Daily Rewards System
– Added Send Mail/Newsletter
– Added Search Functionality
– Add Member Filter List
– Added User Banned System
– Added User Details summary
– Fixed PPV Bugs
– Added User Advertise System
– Added PayPal Express Checkout
– Added Stripe Gateway


Version 2.2 (patch) – 15 February 18

– Fixed Security Issue,
-Changed Invest Interest System.
-Fixed Some Bugs

Version 2.1 (patch) – 7 February 18

– added custom currency
– added member search on admin panel
– fixes member delete on admin panel
– fixes many bugs


Version 2.0 – 22 January 2018

– Added Latest Deposit and Withdraw System on Home Page
– Added Payment Proof Page and Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, AML Policy, KYC Policy Page on the home page.
– Contact Us System Improved,
– Added Re-Captcha and Improved Security.
– Blog System Improved, Tag System Add.
– Removed Custom Comments and Add Disqus Comment System.
– Improved Review System,
– Added Paid to Click Timer and Add Animation Progress.
– Added Paid to Video View System.
– Membership System Improved and Added Duration System.
– Added PayPal instant deposit system.
– Referral System improved. Added link share bonus, signup bonus, deposit bonus etc referral system.
– Added Investment System like Money Investment, Bitcoin and other Currency Investment.
– Fixes Bug User To User Money Transfer System.
– Improved Self Money Transfer System.
– Added A2Z Email notify system.
– Details User log History.
– Add KYC Verify and Improved Email Verify System.
– Added Markdown and HTML code System.
– Added Email Sending to user or any email address System in Admin Panel.
– User Profile Improved.
– Add Support Ticket System.
– Add Website F.A.Q and Page Edit Features.
– Added Changes website configuration from admin panel without coding.
– Fixes so many bugs and much more.


Version 1.0 – 20 December 2017

– Initial Releases

Demo Details For Eminent PTC.

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Username : 

Password : 

Pin : 123456

User PanelAdmin Panel
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WhatsApp Number Changed

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