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by May 27, 2020

What's Evolution Script 5.8?

Evolution Script 5.8 is the latest version of EvolutionScript S.A.C till today, In Evolution Script 5.8 have been added many new features instead of 5.1. Many peoples are using V5.1 nulled script yet it’s it has many security bugs & Limited features. We have just decided to give Evolution Script 5.8 to our clients to use it without any bugs & Secured system.IF you have any query related to Evolution Script 5.8 feel free to contact us.

Evolution Script 5.8 is compatible with PHP >= 7.2

Don’t forget to test the demo for Evolution Script 5.8 below.

What's New In Evolution Script 5.8 Version?


PHP Version (IMPORTANT) Evolution Script 5.8 is compatible with PHP >= 7.2
SSL Pages Now all SSL Pages Supported Now. An SSL Filter option has added into Evolution Script 5.8, Now you can add & deleted any page of your website in HTTPS or HTTP. 
Admin Panel View Admin dashboard updated, now you can receive alerts if license or support is going to expire.
Gateway Litecoin added as new payment gateway
Removed Gateway Payza removed from payment gateways.
Added Gateway Airtm added as new payment gateway.
Administrator The administrator can reply support tickets with HTML format.
Administrator Controls Language module updated, now you can upload language file or create from admin panel, also you can edit installed languages.
Custom Currency Symbol Currency symbol updated to allow the use of HTML (a good option for crypto).
IP Optimization Deny multi-IP registration was optimized to deny registration with the IP used by any member in less than 24 hours.
New Security added Strong auto click security added, force to user close window and open it again if ad validation goes wrong.
Administrator The administrator can send emails with HTML format.
Removed Gateway  Payza removed from payment gateways.
Cloudflare IP Error Cloudflare IP compatibility fixed.
Ad security Ad security integrated with Fixed Ads, PTC Autosurf and PTC membership addons.


What's Evolutionscript 5.8?

Evolutionscript is the best PTC  (Paid to click) website to promote your business with Advertising through Publisher (like you can create difference Packages and plan for advertiser and user. You can also start your own business with this website, You will have a lot of money to invest in your business and give the profit to the peoples. If you are interested in this script you can buy the script or get a ready website. Or if you have no idea like that then please don’t buy this script.

Admin Dashboard  Looks, Blew :



General Features Evolution Script 5.8

All you have to begin your own PTC business, with an amicable interface and particularly given you a chance to have a sense of security because of our product assurance. Our new GPT System was intended for a simple administration with the most secure devices for your business with the certainty that you need and that your individuals need to.

The Following general features of Evolutionscript blew :


  • Power template engine for advanced customization
  • Easy content management system
  • Multiple currencies
  • Membership system
  • Point system
  • Purchase and Rent referral system
  • Live statistics / Country statistics

General Statistics

  • Member’s Country Statistics
  • Turn off site for maintenance

Referral System

  • Buy Referral System
  • Renting a Referral System
  • Customizable Rent Pack
  • Rent extension and discounts
  • Autopay


Multiple Advertising



Our system supports the most popular payment processors of the market giving you the opportunity to get more income from people all over the world.
  • PTC ads
  • PTSU ads
  • Featured Links
  • Featured Text ads
  • Banner ads
  • Login ads
  • Image of a product for PTC ads
  • Geographic filtering
  • Auto / Manual approve ads

Multi Payment System

Our system supports the most popular payment processors of the market giving you the opportunity to get more income from people all over the world.

  • Payza Support
  • PayPal Support
  • Liberty Reserve Support
  • Perfect Money Support
  • Egopay Support
  • SolidTrustPay Support
  • Instant/Manual Withdrawals
  • Details Orders on Admin Panel
  • May accept/cancel/delete orders


Your own community

 You can create your own PTC community to discuss about your program, give support to your members or whatever you wish.

  • PTCEvolution Forum Integration
  • Monthly IP Countries updates
  • Easy addons integration
  • But it’s only possible if you buy license officially.


  • Security & Communication




    • Anti-cheat system
    • SSL Support
    • Multiple captcha systems
    • Maintenance mode
    • Ticket and Forum system
    • Mass Mailer
    • Multiple languages

      Advertisement System


      • Paid To Click Ads
      • Text Ads
      • Link Ads
      • Login Ads
      • Banner Ads
      • Paid To Sign Up Offers
      • Geographic filtering
Custom Payment Settings

If you buy this version by AllwebScript INC you will able to add a custom payment method.


You will be able to set these details if you want to add a custom payment gateway.


Please be noted the template has not included in this price.

Details Of Evolution Script 5.8 (PTC) Script.

if you want to test Evolution Script 5.8 PTC Script then use these following detils for login.

User Login Details :

Username: allwebscript

Password: demopw


Admin Login Details :

Username: allwebscript

Password: demopw

PIN: 123456

User PanelAdmin Panel

Buy EvolutionScript 5.8

Please test the full demo of EvolutionScript 5.8 before buying. We have mentioned everything in the article.


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